24 Hours

by Ailurus

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French producer Madeon issued a challenge to produce a 3 track EP in 24 hours totaling at least 9 minutes of music. “It's an opportunity to encourage you to explore and complete ideas you wouldn't have thought of normally, and to relief from the pressure a longer production period can often bring. It may not always be your best work, you may not want to share it, but it's something you would have never done otherwise”. I had a lot of fun doing it and was able to explore and process ideas I would normally have passed up.

I took the challenge a little further than was required. I decided to restrict myself to the same core drums in every track and to only use Tone2's Electra X, Lennar Digital's Sylenth1, Sonigen Modular and Futucraft's Kairatune as my instrument sources. As for effects and process, I left that open to whatever I like. I wanted to give a sort of racing theme to my 3 tracks and tried to make them sound like something you might have heard on a late 90's racing game. I started on April 5th at 5:40pm and Finished April 6th at around 5:30pm.

I made the tracks in order of appearance, the first track, “G-Force” is the one I spent the most time on. I decided to go for Glitch Hop with this one, not really my best genre, but I enjoy it. I got really experimental with the sounds on this one, a lot of stuff I would normally have not done, especially the beeper sound in the drop. The track is supposed to represent the lateral g's you feel when cornering at high speed, not really sure it conveys that though.

The second track, “Rush Hour” is a 140 Breakbeat track. I really like the chord sound I made in Sylenth1, it reminds me of older electronic tracks from the late 90's and early 2000's. The vocal sound that is layered with the bass is also really cool. I also made it with Sylenth1, normally I would make sounds like this with FM synthesis, so I was really surprised when I got it with subtractive synthesis. The track is called Rush Hour after the old racing video game.

The last track, “Velocity” is a chilled DnB track with a track with a slightly Jazzy side. This is the track I made last and spent the least amount of time on, I only had a few hours left, so I had to work fast. The bass was made in Sonigen Modular, I was originally going for a Reese type bass, but ended up with something slightly different. I particularly like how well the guitar loop brings the track together and the Saxophone sample really gives the track character. This track is called Velocity because it represents high speed, it is the fastest song tempo wise and I made it in the shortest time.


released April 6, 2013

Ailurus - 24 Hours

All tracks written, produced & engineered by Zane Pepper.

Artwork by Zane Pepper.
Car vector used in art - bit.ly/Lku5W4



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